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Ghanaton.com is an online classifieds ad site serving the country of Ghana and beyond. Being Ghana’s No. 1 marketplace, you are able to buy or sell various goods and services. It is also a place to publish or search for all kinds of job vacancies.

With its simple yet intuitive design, posting on Ghanaton.com takes only a few clicks, then voila!! You ad is live to be viewed by millions across the globe.

Do you have something to sell? Do you need something to buy at a good price? Looking for a job? Looking for an apartment? Want to link up with old buddies? Looking for some business information? Browse on through our various categories and make your selection. It's 100% FREE!

At Ghanaton.com, we are always looking to develop new products as well as improve our user experience, you, our users are our most important asset, without you, Ghanaton.com will not exist. Please fill free to drop us a feedback in the form of suggestion, criticism or appraisal, we will appreciate it and respond appropriately.

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